Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Bathroom Bitches....yes, this will take up one entry!

Is that difficult to be respectful and courteous? Apparently!

I placed a shower caddy in the SHOWER specifically to hold all the damn shit that collects on the floor of the shower. INCLUDING the sponges, that conveniently come with an attached rope to HANG it up. Why don't I want these sitting at the back of the shower floor? Because typically they are still soapy, and that soap runs down the shower making it slippery, hence DANGEROUS.

I buy separate bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Why? Because my children use this stuff at an alarming rate! One bottle of conditioner can last me three months. One bottle of conditioner may last my girls two weeks, and only two of them use it.

Razors...hmmm...this one I find slightly mind-boggling. I try to keep my own razor in my room, but occasionally forget it in the shower. I am the ONLY person who puts the damn cover on it! Yet, if forgotten only once, I can't find one in the shower that obviously belongs to me. At any given time there are six to eight of them in the shower, sometimes they're even BROKEN. Would it kill someone to take these OUT of the shower? And why the hell are they left on the shower floor in the first place?

Hair collects in the shower drain. This in inevitable since four of us have long hair. Why is it too much to ask EVERYONE to clean the drain when they are done? Because it's gross. Well, DUH!! That would be why I want everyone to clean up their own mess!!! Of course, if someone didn't keep taking the hair catcher out of the shower, it would be easier to clean!!!

If you leave a puddle, wipe it up!!

Why oh why is so damn difficult to take empty bottles out of the shower? And MAYBE replace it with a full one? I soooooo love having to jump back out of the shower to retrieve a new bottle of body wash.

Why can't anyone else clean the toilet? I mean CLEAN it! Not just throw in some cleaner and give it a quick scrub. I mean, actually lift the seat and CLEAN it! Because it's gross...NO SHIT!!

Why does the bathroom trash have to be overflowing? I put extra bags in, so all anyone has to do is take the top bag OUT! But nooooo! By the time I'm done bitching, I have to remove all of the bags in order to keep all the crap from dumping out on the floor! I suppose sometimes I should just be grateful they've hit the trash.

Is it really all that hard to put the dirty laundry in the hamper or laundry basket in the bathroom? Must be, cause half the time it's on the floor in FRONT of them or on the shelf where the clean towels would be if we ever had any!! I need to go hunting around the house (in bedrooms) to find all my towels!

Is it necessary to leave half a wardrobe, make-up, jewelry, hair thingys and anything else you can image that does not need to be in the bathroom, IN THE BATHROOM!

And this is just the bathroom...
Why does Mom (ME) bitch all the time? Take your pick...

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